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Atlanta Draws Up a Game-Winning Play, but Denver Wins Anyway

(AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

The Hawks and Nuggets played to a near draw on Tuesday night, but Atlanta had a chance to take the game on a last second out of bounds play.  Let’s take a look at an almost perfectly run play and how Denver got lucky. Continue reading


New Post at Hickory-High.com on Denver’s Transition Game

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Denver also creates transition situations through sheer hustle, even when the numbers don’t seem to be in their favor.  Because George Karl stresses it so much, Denver is running while the other team jogs back on defense, especially the big men.  You would expect this from a high energy player like Kenneth Faried, but Nenê and Timofey Mozgov are also sprinting to the rim.  With Ty Lawson’s speed and Andre Miller’s passing ability, those big men are often rewarded for their hustle.  The video below shows how hard the Nuggets work to get their transition opportunities.