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New at Bullets Forever: How the Wizards Can Use Harrison Barnes

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Finally, Wittman had a play to get his shooting guard into a pick-and-roll. Wall wasn’t the only guy using ball screens last year; about one third of Crawford’s offense came from pick-and-roll plays. On this play, Crawford runs off of screens to get to the wing and then receives a screen when he gets the ball.

Crawford took a lot of the ball handling responsibility last year, so it will be interesting to see if Barnes assumes a similar role. The major holes in his offensive game include his ball handling and pick-and-roll abilities, so that could mean that the Wizards have one fewer ball handler and initiator on the team.


New at Bullets Forever: What to Expect from Bradley Beal’s Rookie Season

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Beyond simply putting Beal on the right side of the floor and standing around, Randy Wittman may try to use off-ball screens to get Beal to his sweet spot at the top of the key. According to Draft Express, Beal is effective at using screens, and Wittman had a few plays to free up shooters at the top of the key this past season.

One way to get Beal clean looks is by running a decoy pick-and-roll. In the video below, Wall draws the defense’s attention by running a pick-and-roll on one side of the floor, while Beal (potentially) gets a screen on the other side of the floor. The defense is threatened by Wall, so they can’t focus their attention on helping on Beal. This play worked for Jordan Crawford, so it should work for Beal, as well.

New Post on John Wall in the Clutch at Bullets Forever

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Wall breaks the play and decides to take the game into his own hands. He nearly pulls it off as his shot comes just after the buzzer. The full play is below. Pay attention to Wittman on the sidelines during the play. He signals for the pass to Crawford and then looks dumbfounded when Wall decides to go one-on-one. Clearly frustrated, he doesn’t pay much attention to the rest of the play.

New at Bullets Forever: How to Use Jordan Crawford

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Instead of simply giving the ball to Crawford and letting him do his thing, the Wizards would be wise to use Nene or Kevin Seraphin to draw the defense’s attention first. Once the defense is focusing on the post, Crawford has a much better chance at getting free on a down screen. In the video below, you see how easy it is for him to get to his favorite spot on the floor by coming off of a down screen while the defense is watching a post player.

John Wall Makes Moves Without the Ball

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The Wizards ran a few plays that took advantage of John Wall’s strengths and Detroit’s 26th-ranked defense on Monday night.  They moved Wall around off the ball, and the Pistons had trouble defending it, giving up plenty of easy looks.  Let’s go to the video and see Wall in action.

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Nick Young Misses the Memo on the Whole Dangerous Inbounder Thing

(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

How many times have we heard an announcer prattle on about how the inbounder is the most dangerous player on an out-of-bounds play?  Down by three with 1.5 seconds remaining, the Raptors had the ball on a sideline out-of- bounds play with a chance to tie.  Let’s take a look at how the Wizards and Raptors put the “dangerous inbounder” trope to the test.

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Reading Defenses With John Wall

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

Coming off a strong rookie campaign, John Wall was expected to make progress in the 2011-12 season.  That, however, has not happened yet.  His shaky jump shot has been dissected, but Beckley Mason’s post on Derrick Rose at Hoopspeak.com made me think about John Wall’s struggles in reading the defense.  Mistakes like this are just part of learning on the job.  As Mike Prada pointed out, even Gary Payton did not look good early in his career.  But he wasn’t forced to carry his team.  Unfortunately, John Wall makes the Wizards go, and his decision-making is key to that.

According to the invaluable numbers at Hoopdata.com Wall’s assist rate has dropped drastically, and he is taking more shots at the rim and from 3 to 9 feet when compared to last season. His perimeter shooters, Nick Young, Rashard Lewis, and Jordan Crawford (using the term “shooter” loosely here) are all being hurt by this change.  Young and Crawford have each seen their percentage of assisted three-pointers drop.  Lewis, who relies almost completely on others to set up his three-point attempts, is shooting 1.5 fewer threes and has seen his percentage drop by nearly 11 points.

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