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New Post on John Wall in the Clutch at Bullets Forever

Go check out the crunch time conflict between John Wall and Randy Wittman.

Wall breaks the play and decides to take the game into his own hands. He nearly pulls it off as his shot comes just after the buzzer. The full play is below. Pay attention to Wittman on the sidelines during the play. He signals for the pass to Crawford and then looks dumbfounded when Wall decides to go one-on-one. Clearly frustrated, he doesn’t pay much attention to the rest of the play.

The Indiana Pacers Show Patience in Beating the Miami Heat

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Against the Miami Heat’s aggressive defensive rotations, offenses must be patient and precise when they find themselves with what seems like an advantage.  With the shot clock running down, Heat opponents can end up forcing semi-contested shots when a better shot is only a pass away.  On Monday night, the Indiana Pacers showed the patience and unselfishness required to beat Miami’s rotating defense.  Let’s take a look at a couple examples.

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Lebron James Answers His Critics (With Help from Chris Bosh)

(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

After passing up game-closing shots in the All-Star Game and against the Jazz, Lebron James made big plays on both offense and defense to force overtime versus the Pacers.  Let’s take a look at how the final two plays of regulation were so successful for Lebron.

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Roy Hibbert Can Pass, Too

The Pacers offense relies largely on post-ups, as they make up largest part of the Indiana offense, according to Synergy Sports (18.6% of possessions).  As you might have guessed, Roy Hibbert is their go-to player in the post.  NBA Playbook detailed Hibbert’s success as a post scorer; he ranks 17th in the NBA in points per post-up possession.  However, even the strongest aspects of your offense can be stopped if you don’t have something to counter it.  One counter is to cut to the basket and let Hibbert deliver the handoff (the Pacers rank 3rd in the NBA in points per possession on hand-offs, btw).  Zach Lowe mentioned how the other Pacers work off of Hibbert’s post game, so I thought some video might help illustrate that.

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