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Cartier Martin Season Review at Bullets Forever

Go check out the video breakdown of 10-day contract All Star Cartier Martin.

Martin was also very effective coming off screens, averaging 1.18 points per possession. His shots in these situations almost always came from a variation on a play out of the horns set that was discussed earlier in the season. The Wizards frequently used Martin as a screener to get Nene or Kevin Seraphin post position, as shown in this video. But Martin can also pop to the top of the key on these plays to get an open shot. The video below shows how he used the double screen to get open shots.


New Post at Bullets Forever on the Wizards’ Youngsters

There’s more on John Wall, Kevin Seraphin, Jan Vesely, and Chris Singleton, so go check it out!

Whether by design or through Singleton’s own inaction, he almost never makes off-ball cuts. There are other players in similar situations as Singleton: stuck in a spot-up role with limited shooting ability. The difference is that these players also change things up by cutting to the basket and crashing the offensive boards. Singleton doesn’t do much of either.  Watch the clips below to see some of Singleton’s recent missed cutting opportunities. Note how many times his defender turns his back while Singleton remains motionless.

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