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New Post at Bullets Forever on the Wizards’ Youngsters

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Whether by design or through Singleton’s own inaction, he almost never makes off-ball cuts. There are other players in similar situations as Singleton: stuck in a spot-up role with limited shooting ability. The difference is that these players also change things up by cutting to the basket and crashing the offensive boards. Singleton doesn’t do much of either.  Watch the clips below to see some of Singleton’s recent missed cutting opportunities. Note how many times his defender turns his back while Singleton remains motionless.

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New Post on Avery Bradley at Hickory High

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Bradley’s talent for disrupting offenses is unparalleled.  It is hard to think of a player who has been consistently and single-handedly able to destroy a team’s attempts to initiate their offense like Bradley.  Watching his one-man full court press is reminiscent of something you would see at the youth level, where there can be large talent disparities.  However, these are NBA point guards getting their pockets picked like high school players.  The video below shows what happens when Bradley is hounding opposing point guards trying to set up their offense.

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New Post at Hickory-High.com on Alec Burks

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So far, Burks hasn’t spent much time in isolation situations, but when he has, results have not been good. He’s averaging only 0.52 points per possession in isolation according to mySynergy Sports, and his low shooting percentages are consistent across all of his isolation shots. Burks is shooting 29 percent on shots at the rim and 30 percent on jumpers outside the lane. The good news is that Burks is not settling for jumpers and is getting into the lane on over 60 percent of his isolation possessions. Based on his ability to finish in non-isolation situations and in college, Burks should eventually learn the nuances of dealing with NBA big men. He’ll need to learn this because his jump shot has been a weakness since college.

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