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Being a rookie is tough, and getting schooled in the post is part of the learning process. To his credit, Vesely didn’t get bullied in the post too often, despite his slim frame. He did, however, have trouble with fakes. Players using up-and-unders and head fakes were successful numerous times. Check out the video below and watch Vesely get faked out of position.


New Post at Hickory High on Kevin Durant’s 4th Quarter

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In this next clip, we see the Spurs change up their defense. They switch on the Westbrook screen, which leaves Tony Parker to guard Durant. Clearly a mismatch, the Spurs have to send some extra help. In the first play, we see some nice weakside action, as Kendrick Perkins sets a screen on the helper, Gary Neal, so he is unable to recover to his man. James Harden misses a wide open three. In the second play, Kawhi Leonard times his double team perfectly, but misses the steal and Durant hits the shot.

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On this first play Lebron and Wade execute a dribble handoff, which acts similarly to a pick-and-roll. The Celtics switch assignments and Mickael Pietrus follows Lebron as he rolls to the hoop. Lebron’s roll attracts KG’s attention, but that leaves the Celtics shorthanded on the weak side of the floor. When Shane Battier sets a screen for Mike Miller, nobody is left to help out, and Miller gets a wide open three.

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Against Detroit, things went smoothly because there wasn’t too much interference from help defenders. In these next two clips, we see Wall hesitate because of an extra help defender. Wall loops around the off-ball screens and gets the ball screen from Seraphin, as usual. As Seraphin rolls to the hoop, Jordan Crawford’s defender (Monta Ellis and Greivis Vasquez in these two clips) stays in the lane for a moment preventing the pass to the rolling Seraphin. Check out the video below.

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Over the past two seasons, he’s only scoring or getting fouled on 37 percent of his pick-and-pop possessions. Part of the problem is his desire to create his own shot off the dribble. All of those pump fakes, jab steps and spin moves have led to plenty of turnovers and missed shots. Let’s reminisce and watch some examples from the past two seasons.

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Instead of simply giving the ball to Crawford and letting him do his thing, the Wizards would be wise to use Nene or Kevin Seraphin to draw the defense’s attention first. Once the defense is focusing on the post, Crawford has a much better chance at getting free on a down screen. In the video below, you see how easy it is for him to get to his favorite spot on the floor by coming off of a down screen while the defense is watching a post player.

Sixers-Celtics Game 2 Video Breakdown at Hickory High

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After Holiday got burned on that three-pointer, he wouldn’t lose sight of Allen again. On the next two Boston possessions, they tried to get Allen clean looks by running him off screens. Holiday did an excellent job of shooting the gaps instead of following Allen around the screens. Instead of continuing on his normal path, Allen would usually fade away from a defender that shot the gap, but he couldn’t on these plays because of the location of the screen and bad passing angle for Rondo. Video of Holiday’s great defensive effort is below.