John Wall Makes Moves Without the Ball

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The Wizards ran a few plays that took advantage of John Wall’s strengths and Detroit’s 26th-ranked defense on Monday night.  They moved Wall around off the ball, and the Pistons had trouble defending it, giving up plenty of easy looks.  Let’s go to the video and see Wall in action.

In this first play, Wall gives up the ball early in the possession and proceeds to circle around screens from Chris Singleton and Nenê.  He gets the return pass and receives two more screens from Kevin Seraphin and Jordan Crawford.  Wall gets screens from each one of his teammates, and by the time he is driving to the basket, Brandon Knight is well behind the play.  Wall and Seraphin essentially run a pick and roll with only Greg Monroe to stop them.  As Mike Prada of Bullets Forever noted, Wall has made good decisions on the move, and this was no exception.

Detroit’s bad defense was also on display a few other times when Wall cut off the ball.  Detroit’s guards and big men either completely lost track of Wall or did not communicate with each other on multiple occasions.

Detroit’s defense looked pretty bad on these plays, but Wall has the physical ability to work off the ball and make better defenses react to his runs to the rim.  With a few roster improvements, the supporting cast should be able to take advantage of the open space.


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