New Post at on Nick Young’s Defensive Impact on the Clippers

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Unlike Williams (and Randy Foye and Caron Butler), Nick Young has been an excellent isolation defender this year. He ranks 15th in the NBA in opponents points per isolation possession and is allowing only 28% shooting in these situations.  Along with Young’s superior ability to contest jump shots, he has also allowed fewer layups than Mo Williams in isolation. Opponents have shot layups on 9% of isolation possessions versus Young, compared with a 14% clip versus Williams.

Young’s ability and size gives the Clippers much better options on defense. Young can guard the opponents’ most dangerous wing player and leave Williams, Foye, or Butler to guard the weaker wing player, who is likely just spotting up at the three point line. The video below shows some of Young’s finer moments in isolation defense.

There’s much more over at


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