Raptorswatch 2012: Jose Calderon Can’t Catch a Break

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Pawel Dwulit)

For the second time in three games, the Toronto Raptors were down by three with a chance to tie the game in the final moments of the fourth quarter. If you guessed that they ran a play to get Jose Calderon an open three, you’re right! Let’s take a look at how the Memphis Grizzlies handled it.

The Raptors ran the exact same play that they ran versus the Wizards (not the ones they ran versus the Lakers and Rockets). Trevor Booker got screened, and Nick Young got a little confused and left Calderon open for three. The full video is below, and click here for the complete breakdown:

The Grizzlies handled it just as poorly, perhaps even worse than the Wizards. Leandro Barbosa and Rasual Butler both run towards the inbounder, Calderon. Calderon throws it to Butler as Barbosa screens Calderon’s man. Although a two-pointer is irrelevant, Tony Allen goes to double team Butler, leaving Calderon open for the game tying three. And just like in the Wizards game, Calderon can’t capitalize on the open look. Allen actually makes a nice recovery, considering his mistake, but Calderon still had a good look at the basket. Here’s the complete play:

Calderon is a 38% career three point shooter, so one of these days, this play will work and Calderon will hit the shot. I look forward to diagramming that play. Good luck, Dwane Casey.

EDIT:  The Raptors ran this play to get Calderon open versus the Jazz, and it worked! Thank you to Joseph Casciaro for pointing this out. Video is below.



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