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DeMarcus Cousins’ Game-Winning Post-Up

(AP Photo/Steve C. Wilson)

Late in the fourth quarter on Friday night, DeMarcus Cousins drew a foul and made the game-winning free throws to defeat the Utah Jazz.  Let’s take a look at how Utah chose to defend Sacramento down the stretch, and how Cousins got in position to win the game.

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New Post at on Alec Burks

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So far, Burks hasn’t spent much time in isolation situations, but when he has, results have not been good. He’s averaging only 0.52 points per possession in isolation according to mySynergy Sports, and his low shooting percentages are consistent across all of his isolation shots. Burks is shooting 29 percent on shots at the rim and 30 percent on jumpers outside the lane. The good news is that Burks is not settling for jumpers and is getting into the lane on over 60 percent of his isolation possessions. Based on his ability to finish in non-isolation situations and in college, Burks should eventually learn the nuances of dealing with NBA big men. He’ll need to learn this because his jump shot has been a weakness since college.

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John Wall Makes Moves Without the Ball

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The Wizards ran a few plays that took advantage of John Wall’s strengths and Detroit’s 26th-ranked defense on Monday night.  They moved Wall around off the ball, and the Pistons had trouble defending it, giving up plenty of easy looks.  Let’s go to the video and see Wall in action.

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New Post at on Orlando’s Playbook

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The Orlando Magic have one of the best pick-and-roll rosters in the league: an agile, strong finisher in the middle, surrounded by great shooters. However, a team can only run so many straightforward pick-and-rolls before the defense catches on. One other way Stan Van Gundy utilizes Dwight Howard and his sharp shooting teammates is by running staggered, off-ball screens.

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The Indiana Pacers Show Patience in Beating the Miami Heat

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Against the Miami Heat’s aggressive defensive rotations, offenses must be patient and precise when they find themselves with what seems like an advantage.  With the shot clock running down, Heat opponents can end up forcing semi-contested shots when a better shot is only a pass away.  On Monday night, the Indiana Pacers showed the patience and unselfishness required to beat Miami’s rotating defense.  Let’s take a look at a couple examples.

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Chicago’s Luck Beats Toronto’s Strategy

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

The Bulls and Raptors faced off in a surprisingly close game on Saturday ngiht.  Chicago allowed a wide open look at a game winning shot in regulation and had their own game winning shot blocked in overtime, yet they somehow won.  Let’s take a look at how it all went down.

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Dallas Wins on Shawn Marion’s Defense and Chase Budinger’s Rough Night

(AP Photo/Eric Kayne)

In their game versus the Mavericks, the Rockets relied on a couple of end-of-game inbounds plays in their attempt to win the game.  Let’s look at what they ran and how the Mavs defended it.

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