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So…Paul Millsap Should Be An All-Star

In a crowded group of quality power forwards in the Western Conference, Paul Millsap has forced his way into the All Star discussion.  His PER has jumped up to 25.5 (5th in the NBA) from 19.8 last year.  Amar at SLC Dunk had a great post on Millsap’s new levels of effectiveness from different spots on the floor.  Millsap has vastly improved his shooting percentages at the rim and from 3 to 9 feet, ranking among the top PFs for each.  I want to take a look at how Millsap gets these opportunities.

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Roy Hibbert Can Pass, Too

The Pacers offense relies largely on post-ups, as they make up largest part of the Indiana offense, according to Synergy Sports (18.6% of possessions).  As you might have guessed, Roy Hibbert is their go-to player in the post.  NBA Playbook detailed Hibbert’s success as a post scorer; he ranks 17th in the NBA in points per post-up possession.  However, even the strongest aspects of your offense can be stopped if you don’t have something to counter it.  One counter is to cut to the basket and let Hibbert deliver the handoff (the Pacers rank 3rd in the NBA in points per possession on hand-offs, btw).  Zach Lowe mentioned how the other Pacers work off of Hibbert’s post game, so I thought some video might help illustrate that.

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